preeti nayak Hi! and Welcome to "The Yummy Delights" website. I would like to thank you for visiting here. I am Preeti Nayak living in Goa with my family. Me and my husband Rajeev Naik, happily run this website together. I am the author, photographer & editor of this website. He is the whole and sole financial support, planning partner, food stylist & great motivator to keep the website running. This website is about our passion for Cook & Click.

I am a South Indian, from Karnataka, India but I was born and brought up in North India. My father shifted to North India for his job. I grew up enjoying both North Indian & South Indian cuisines.

From childhood, I love experimenting with new recipes from different recipe books but serious cooking for me started after marriage. I learned a lot about daily cooking from my mother in law. She's a great cook and makes delicious food.

My elder daughter Shreya encouraged me to cook and record for youtube videos.  My hubby and my niece Vaishnavi supported me a lot in it. I am so thankful to have such an amazing family. I started with YouTube Videos and it was fun making them. We enjoyed making each of our videos. Then started to work on this recipe website too. Got much appreciation for our first post "Eggless Honey Cake in Pressure Cooker". From then the journey of "The Yummy Delights" website started.

Here at "The Yummy Delights", we try to make difficult recipes simple. Try to record the timings of cooking, measurements of ingredients and necessary steps to be taken while making the recipe. In our recipes, we try to use homemade Garam Masala & reduce store bought Sauces & Food Colors. Also, try to make some recipes from scratch.

In all these days we learned that "Perfection comes from Practice". We bring the recipes that are tried and tested in our Kitchen and tastes perfect. We hope you will enjoy the recipes from this website and share it with your family and friends.

If you have any queries or suggestion please feel free to write at theyummydelights@gmail.com

Thank You!